Expand 2021 India is a free virtual event for web designers & developers

Expand 2021 India is a free virtual event for web designers & developers



As part of the GoDaddy Pro experience in India, we are proud to host Expand 2021 – India on 24 September 2021.

This free, one-day virtual event was created specifically for freelance professionals such as web designers and developers.  

The Expand event offers an opportunity to learn, connect with peers, and gain resources for starting and growing a successful digital business. 

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You will appreciate a compact schedule comprised of 30-minute sessions, designed to accommodate the busy schedules of web designers and developers. Topics include timely, relevant material such as:

  • Business insights from real pros
  • The future of web development in India
  • Delivering customer care

Review the compact, one-day schedule 

The Expand virtual event will begin with a keynote address from GoDaddy India Vice President & Managing Director Nikhil Arora. Mr. Arora’s career spans more than two decades and five countries, guided by his philosophy of “being a missionary first before being a mercenary.” 

Following the remarks from Mr. Arora, the event will commence with stories about real people who benefit from GoDaddy Pro as well as 30-minute sessions that include: 

  • An introduction to GoDaddy Pro   
  • The evolution of digital business & importance of skilling for India’s economic recovery  
  • Ecommerce opportunities for web pros in 2021  
  • Innovating for customer growth and retention   
  • The best time to be a web professional is now 
  • Securing your customer’s website and your business  
  • Redefining customer support for web professionals 
  • Deconstructing the future of web development in India 

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Meet your community at Expand 2021 – India 

One thing our speakers share in common is a commitment to efficiently deliver results for clients. Much of that starts with becoming a GoDaddy Pro member and using The Hub for multi-site management. 

Members who use The Hub report saving an average of three hours each month for every client site they manage. 

It is also important to maintain standing in a community of like-minded peers. You should also consider attending Expand 2021 – India for the opportunity to exchange ideas and support for operating the most successful business possible. 

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