The Covid-19 Pandemic: The Day We Realized We’re All Going To Die

The Covid-19 Pandemic: The Day We Realized We're All Going To Die


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Today on Just 3 Clicks, Joey and David are behind the mic for a short tangent episode. Yup (like the rest of the world and everyone on social media), we’re talking about the Coronavirus pandemic. Is it a pandemic? Is there really a virus? How is this affecting us, the SaaS world, and the rest of the world? We’re talking about the conspiracy theories behind it as well as the role that social media is playing in the hysteria engulfing the world. Also, what’s up with the toilet roll shortage?

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Talking Points

  • Coronavirus: How do we know there is a virus? (01:15)
  • The Toilet Roll (04:35)
  • The world’s reaction to the Coronavirus (07:15)
  • CoronaVirus in the UK (09:15)
  • Capitalism and the CoronaVirus (10:00)
  • The future of digital businesses and trade businesses (14:30)
  • “People who have things become the target” (15:42)
  • Social media (16:20)
  • Coughing experiments (18:00)
  • Distractions in the News (22:00)
  • Swine Flu and the origins of CoronaVirus (23:30)
  • Listening because they’re scared (28:00)
  • CoronaVirus and Marketing (31:15)
  • Last words/Closing (38:10)


“Well, that’s my plan. When shit hits the fan, I’m just going to go to my mum’s house.” – Joey Xoto

“I think the scariest part about all of this is the way that everyone is reacting to it.” – Joey Xoto

“How do we, as a society, confirm that there is a virus? Cause the symptoms are the same as the flu.” – Joey Xoto

“What are we being distracted from that could be happening?” – Joey Xoto

“I’m a capitalist at heart and that’s what I believe in but this is the ugly side of capitalism.” –  David Chamberlain

“When people can’t afford to pay wages, when people can’t afford to buy food. That’s what I worry about.” – David Chamberlain

“Is this an attack on the Chinese economy? I mean, the conspiracies are there.” –  David Chamberlain



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