Sales Funnels: What Croissants, Burger King and You Have In Common

Sales Funnels: What Croissants, Burger King and You Have In Common


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Today on Just 3 Clicks, Joey and Jamie are talking about sales funnels. We’re talking about examples of sales funnels; digital sales funnels; the difference between freemium, upfront fees, and monthly subscriptions; and finding value in your product. We have a timely discussion about the complexities of a sales funnel using Viddyoze as an example of an abnormal process. We talk about why it works for us, as well as a few different strategies.

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Talking Points:

  • Sales funnel examples in the real world: the opening tea (02:29)
  • Our sales funnel (05:41)
  • Digital (SaaS) sales funnels (07:00)
  • GoDaddy and front end licensing (09:40)
  • Freemium vs. Upfront Fee vs. Monthly Subscriptions (14:08)
  • Effective down-selling… and then upselling again (22:38)
  • Free trials and value (31:10)
  • Conclusion and resources (41:15)


“The way they justify and prove that there’s interest. And interest is measured by the amount of users that, basically, are getting into this app.” – Joey Xoto

“We just try to eliminate that objection with that down-sell.” – Joey Xoto

“Once they’ve got that instant gratification of ‘Oh, I’ve paid. I’ve already committed to this thing and it’s awesome,’ they’re more likely to jump into the monthly because they can get more of what they’ve had, essentially.” – Jamie Garside

“People are on Facebook all day anyway, so if people aren’t opening our emails or our emails are hitting spam or if they’re not logging into the app and seeing any in-app notifications, they’re on FB and a part of our group anyway.” – Jamie Garside

“I think people value a thing more if there’s a price attached to it. – Joey Xoto



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