Why Content Media Outperforms Traditional Marketing

Why Content Media Outperforms Traditional Marketing



The essence of modern marketing is simple – you need to not only establish your brand as a key source of insight and education, but also to build a powerful community around that brand that drives engagement with your audience.

In that world, traditional marketing doesn’t cut it anymore.

To learn more, host Tyler Kern and MarketScale Chief Revenue Officer Tim Maitland dove into why content media outperforms traditional marketing on this episode of MarketScale’s Community Reengaged.

The two turned to examples of popular media that have had the same impact, such as Apple’s Ted Lasso or Netflix’s Drive to Survive, which chronicles Formula 1 racing and got Maitland hooked on the sport.

“It’s just a perfect example of building episodic content and building a community,” Maitland said. “It’s actually a good rule of what businesses need to be doing – creating media content like that so that they can expand and build a bigger community in the industry and niches that they work in.”

Catch the full episode on-demand now to learn more about how building powerful media channels and populating them with content that helps you reach your audience where they are is the only way to keep pace in the modern B2B landscape.

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