India Servers now Live on Bluehost

India Servers now Live on Bluehost


Servers are the backbone of every website, and we at Bluehost are always striving to provide the best hosting products and services to ensure you can seamlessly run your business. 

We are excited to introduce our newly launched Shared and WordPress Hosting in India, specifically designed for speed. Our India Hosting servers aim to provide up to 10x faster website load time to boost your website conversion and improve SEO ranking. 

Benefits of Bluehost India Hosting 

The geographical location of your server is of prime importance. For example, although a “.in” domain is apt for businesses that target the Indian market, it is equally important for such websites to have an India-based IP address. Although overseas hosting companies provide top level domains to target different geographical markets, as a business, you end up with an overseas IP, which eventually impacts your website’s SEO ranking. Therefore, if most of your website visitors reside in India, you should pick a data center located in or close to India for faster website load time. 

Faster website load speed impacts user experience, as well as your website’s search visibility on the search engine. 

Here are three key benefits of choosing Bluehost India Hosting: 

  • Up to 10x Faster Servers 

A fast-loading website helps in boosting your customer conversion rate and user experience. Thus, the closer your server is to your customers, the faster your website loads. 

Website load speed directly impacts your website’s SEO ranking. If most of your customers are in or close to India, an Indian IP and faster-loading website will improve your SEO ranking. 

  • Easy-to-use Bluehost Builder 

Our India Servers comes with in-built easy-to-use Bluehost WordPress Builder.  It provides a drag-n-drop visual interface with access to hundreds of stunning images to create highly functional, beautiful websites that load up to 10x faster. 

Plans to Suit Your Needs 

Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can migrate your existing website or purchase our Shared Hosting and WordPress India Hosting plans. 

Our in-house team of experts are always happy to help you get started and grow your online presence. You can reach out to us on 1800-419-4426 or 0824-2868088 

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to Bluehost India Servers today! 





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