Hilarious Ways The Story Of Harry Potter Would Change If It Was Set In The US

Hilarious Ways The Story Of Harry Potter Would Change If It Was Set In The US


Hilarious Ways The Story Of Harry Potter Would Change If It Was Set In The USKey and Peele/YouTube/Warner Bros.

The internet has debated some hilarious ways they think the story of Harry Potter would change if it had been set in the US rather than the UK. 

Harry Potter may not 100% accurately reflect how it felt to go to boarding school in the United Kingdom, with students learning about the history of magic rather than maths, playing quidditch rather than lacrosse and having to fight dark lords rather than the matron who caught you smuggling cigarettes inside your tuck box.

Harry Potter (Warner Bros.)Warner Bros.

Perhaps instead of Christmas crackers in the Great Hall to celebrate the winter festivities, Thanksgiving would instead be the main event eagerly awaited by Hogwarts students, Dumbledore’s favourite sherbert lemons would be replaced by Twinkies and Hermione would instead be called Harper.

A Reddit user has taken to the platform to question how the famous magical franchise would differ, had it taken place across the pond, and the internet cannot get enough of it.

The user asked other Redditers: ‘If Harry Potter was set in the United States, how would the story change?’

The post has since amassed 31,200 votes and 12,200 comments, as other Reddit users have flooded to the post to debate how the infamous J.K. Rowling tale would change if set in the US. One said: ‘Airport terminal 9 and 3 quarters’

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A third wrote: ‘Taco Tuesdays at the Great Hall.’

Other suggestions included adaptations to the cast, such as the suggestion that ‘Nathan Fillion would’ve been cast as Guilderoy Lockhart’, ‘The Rock as Hagrid’ and ‘Samuel L Jackson as Mad Eye Mooney’.

Owls were even proposed as being replaced by eagles and quidditch being a lot more like American football.

Another noted that ‘Neither the Hogwarts Express nor the Knight Bus would be in existence. The only way to get around would be privately owned brooms’ and the flying car would reportedly be ‘either a Dodge Charge or Ram  1500’.

Ron was put forward as being ‘from a farm’ and wearing a ‘cowboy hat’. As someone noted, ‘there’d be a lot more denim in the Weasley household’.

Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) greets the crowd, at the Grand Opening of the Harry Potter Studio Tour (Alamy)Alamy

While I may take some convincing to get over my love for Mrs Weasley’s knitted jumpers, I wouldn’t mind seeing Fred and George sporting some double denim.

Timothée Chalamet as Potter, a young Lindsay Lohan as Ginny, Cole Sprouse as Malfoy, Jason Earles as Ro, Mara Wilson as Hermione and Josh Peck as Longbottom?

Calls for a proper American remake… who’s in?


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