Bolstering quality management with workflow automation

Bolstering quality management with workflow automation


Uncover the key strategies for facilitating continuous improvement in quality control

Learn how to improve your quality management program through workflow automation solutions

The systems quality professionals rely on to manage their critical processes are often rigid, depend on manual tasks and lack the ability to generate actionable insights in real time. This directly opposes the goal of those looking to continually improve processes and correct wasteful actions.

Many organizations can benefit from the application of workflow automation initiatives to aid quality professionals by facilitating continuous improvement, surfacing real-time insights into operations and creating a single source of truth for all quality-related data.

This webinar dives into how workflow automation platforms address the shortcomings of manual processes in quality management and offers strategies for adopting this technology in your own practice.

Register for this webinar to uncover:

  • What workflow automation is and what it means for the current state of quality management.
  • Real-world applications of workflow automation in quality practices.
  • Strategies for adopting automation in your organization.

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Shah leads the enterprise solutions marketing practice at Quickbase. He focuses on identifying customer challenges in new attractive markets and develops unique solutions to solve them using Quickbase, a no-code operational agility platform. Shah has more than a decade of experience in the tech industry within customer success, product, and marketing organizations. His alma mater is the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he earned a degree in Computer Engineering.

Hoppes joined the Quickbase consultant team at the conclusion of summer, 2019, coming from an enterprise risk management SaaS provider for financial institutions and prior to that an engineering software company specializing in finite element analysis (FEA). With a certification in project management and training in Lean Six Sigma, his experience resonates towards process improvement and the ability to leverage new technologies within traditional workflows. Prior to his career in the private sector, Hoppes served as a Marine Corps officer following graduation from the US Naval Academy with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Joe Demski

Associate content marketing manager

Demski is a content marketer at Quickbase where he focuses on promoting technology solutions through storytelling. Prior to joining Quickbase, Demski worked in content strategy and communications for software companies servicing economists, attorneys, accountants and government officials.



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