Humble Beginnings And A Relentless Approach (Part Two)

Humble Beginnings And A Relentless Approach (Part Two)


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Welcome to the second episode of Just 3 Clicks. Today, Joey and David are in the studio talking about David’s path to Viddyoze and how the company started.

Today we talk about how we started. We talk about how you need to have a relentless approach to how you handle things when you’re brand new. Things are always going to go wrong, no matter how much you prepare. We talk about how starting your own business is an example of, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Talking Points

  • David’s background in accounting and entrepreneurship (01:35)
  • Good partnerships and the beginning of our partnership (09:00)
  • How to start, without a coding background (11:50)
  • What Viddyoze does (13:24)
  • How to conceptualize ideas (20:18)
  • Selling product (28:15)
  • Releasing an MVP version (31:00)
  • Working with developers online (36:50)
  • The importance of being relentless (44:15)


“We put the money in and all of our time, essentially, to get a marketing event ready.” – Joey

“We were making hundreds to thousands of dollars but on the inside, I was just so concerned that the app wasn’t working the way it should, that the developer’s not there. […]. There were so many variables that could go wrong–that did go wrong, to be fair.” – Joey

“Anyone who’s had a job that they didn’t enjoy doing… You might have been good at it but when you can choose not to do it and you’re forced to, it’s the worst thing ever.” – David

“I feel like I’ve made a better choice. Even if I make less [money], I’m happier being my own boss and being in charge of my own destiny.” – David


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